General rules of BravoFestival Senior 2021


1. All artists who wish to participate can do it, as long as it is in the category that corresponds them.

Junior: from 10 to 17 years old.

Senior: over 18 years old.

The age of the artist is taken into account on the day of the festival.

2. The same artist may participate in the same year in both categories, if their age matches the ages required in section number 1. of these rules.

3. The same artist may repeat as a participant at the Festival, as many times as the organization consider appropriate. If this occurs in the Junior category, rules 1. and 2. of these general rules must always be respected.

4. The organization reserves the right to allow, eliminate or modify an artist at any time, always adducing the interest of the BravoFestival itself.


5. Each artist will be able to freely choose the song they will participate in the Festival with. This must be an original song or from another artist, and the title must be communicated to the organization. The final selected songs will be coordinated by the organization in order to avoid repeated songs or request the necessary permits.

6. The minimum duration of the song must be at least 2.30 minutes and the maximum duration cannot exceed 4 minutes.

7. Each artist can freely choose the language of the son. It can be sung in more than one language ​​in the same song.


8. All requested videos must be shot horizontally. If it is sent vertically, it will be requested again with the correct format.

9. Each recorded performance must be with a live voice, the use of any retouching of the voice is totally forbidden (the videos are sent to music producers to verify this point).

10. Music and prerecorded choirs (playback) are allowed, except in the case of using people as choirs, they must be live voices as well.

11. Only the use of a single camera (professional or not) is allowed. This can scroll and use different types of zoom for recording. The cuts in the video will be totally prohibited.

12. The maximum number of people allowed per performance is 4.

13. The location is entirely up to the artist. This allows the use of indoors/outdoors spaces or recording studios, among other options. Originality is always valued.

14. The use of a microphone is allowed if the artist decides it.

15. The background of the video will be at the free choice of the artist. The use of effects and lighting or computerized in this sense is allowed.

16. It is forbidden to publish, fully or partially, the performance of each artist without the written consent of the organization, as well as the different videos requested for events or previous occasions (presentations, postcards, etc.).


17. They may be classified as minor, serious or severe, depending on the nature of the misconduct.

18. The organization will be in charge of classifying the misconduct as per the art 17. of this general rules. 

19. A severe misconduct may lead to the disqualification of the artist at the festival.

The Organization

20. It will be in charge, through any of its official members, of the preparation of the Festival in the following terms:

- Representatives for each country.

- Dates of the festival and different videos request.

- Regulation.

- Information.

21. Anyone outside the organization will not have any authority over anything related to the Festival.

22. The organization will always reserve the right to add, modify or delete any article of these regulations, always based on a common improvement for the festival and its participants.